Connecting China, People, and the world to one another.


INFA is a Beijing-based information technology company which builds digitably-enabled systems connecting China, People, and the world to one another.

Our ‘ChinaConnect’ social media platform will be the first full-bore social platform built from the ground up with AI Artificial Intelligence technology, and developed expressly for the 58 million annual foreign visitors and all others seeking ‘Chinese connections’.  Learn more.

Our inLan Airport and rail station app and ride service is the only platform doing airport and rail station signboard pickup to and from Chinese airports and rail stations for foreigners. inLan currently serves seven major Chinese cities, with additional service to be opened in the near future for other large Chinese cities.  View the website and app.

Our outsourcing division applies technologies and capabilities developed for our inhouse projects to our external clients needs.

Prospective partners and others seeking further information are encouraged to contact us.

Message us now or phone 18611126732 or Wechat aisha730

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